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Creating Healthy Smiles with Preventive Dentistry in Columbus, OH

A healthy smile and a healthy life go hand-in-hand. That’s why preventive dentistry isn’t just important to us; it’s a central component of our practice. Dr. Mick wants to help your entire family enjoy top-notch health and wellbeing at every stage of life.  With our preventive services and modern tools, we believe we can meet your family’s needs comfortably and compassionately.

Preventive and Periodontal Dental Services

Our dental hygiene department provides exceptional preventive and periodontal dental therapy and is dedicated to helping you attain your optimal dental health. We’re also committed to teaching you how to maintain your beautiful, healthy new smile.  Our preventive and periodontal services include:

Quality TMD Therapy

TMD is short for temporomandibular joint dysfunction and is caused by an uneven or misaligned bite. Symptoms of TMD can range from headaches and earaches to dizziness, neck pain, and problems with jaw clicking. At Mick Family Dental Care in Columbus, OH, we offer custom-made oral appliances to help patients combat trouble with TMD. If you have questions about this serious condition and how it’s treated, don’t hesitate to contact our office for a consultation.

Nightguards for Treating Bruxism

Bruxism, which involves unconscious teeth grinding, is another condition treated with an oral appliance. In many cases, the condition is related to stress, and it causes the most damage during sleep, when the patient can’t consciously stop his or her teeth from grinding together. Wearing an oral appliance will help bruxism patients control teeth grinding and prevent serious damage to the chewing surfaces of their teeth. Talk to Dr. Mick if you have questions about bruxism and oral appliance therapy.

Athletic Mouthguards

If you’re an athlete, you should be wearing an athletic mouthguard, regardless of the sport. A large number of sports injuries involve the face. But wearing a custom-made athletic mouthguard will help you protect your teeth and tongue. New research even shows that mouthguards can reduce the severity of concussions. If you’re an athlete and you’re playing without an athletic mouthguard, let us talk to you about the benefits of wearing one made just for you. Our patients that are current in their continuing care are eligible for a free custom-fit athletic mouthguard….just let us know when we can help.

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