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See Dr. Mick for Dentures in Columbus, OH

Smiling couple sees Dr. Mick for dentures in Columbus, OHIf you have one or more missing teeth, then you are probably focused on the way they look. And that is understandable. After all, your appearance not only affects how you feel about yourself, but also what others think about you. In other words, a complete smile is an invaluable asset.

In addition to your appearance, Columbus, OH dentist Dr. Mick is also concerned about how tooth loss affects your oral and general health. Research shows that just having one missing tooth increases your risk of additional tooth loss, the risk of decay in your remaining teeth as well as periodontal disease. Furthermore, your overall health may be compromised if you are unable to eat nutritious foods that help you maintain a healthy diet. For these reasons, replacing missing teeth will not only enhance your appearance, but may just help to also improve your health.

Dr. Mick has created partial and full dentures for many patients. He makes sure that they not only look good, but feel great, too. He teams up with a skilled craftsman at our dental lab to give you a prosthetic that is designed to replicate your natural smile.

Partial Dentures from the Dentist in Columbus, OH

Woman sees Dr. Mick for dentures in Columbus, OHAccording to the American College of Prosthodontists, there are approximately 175 million people in the U.S. who are missing at least one tooth. As baby boomers age, that number will likely go up. If you are one of those millions, then Dr. Mick can design a partial denture to restore your smile. Partials can be fixed or removable. A fixed partial is also called a crown and bridge.

A removable partial is built on a metal base. There are clasps or brackets that discreetly attach to adjacent teeth in order to hold the partial securely in place. Mounted on to the base are false teeth. Whether you are missing one tooth, a few teeth consecutively or you have random tooth loss along one arch, a partial can be made to fit comfortably between your remaining teeth.

For a fixed partial or crown and bridge, Dr. Mick needs to slightly reduce the size of a couple of teeth. These teeth are covered with dental crowns that suspend false teeth over the gap in your smile. The crowns can also be attached to implants when abutment teeth are not healthy enough to support a bridge.

Full Dentures in Columbus, OH

Couple sees Dr. Mick for dentures in Columbus, OHAre you missing all of your teeth? In that case, you are among 35 million people, according to The American College of Prosthodontist. For many like you, full dentures have proven to be the best aesthetically and economically. Your dentist near Columbus, OH will create dentures that are comfortable and that fit securely along your gums. You won’t need to be concerned about dentures that click or slip when you eat. The denture base is shaded to closely mimic the color and shine of natural gum tissue. Similarly, false teeth, called pontics, will rejuvenate your smile and have the shape and sheen of natural teeth.

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