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Columbus, OH Cosmetic Dentist Transforms Smiles

Do you feel confident enough about your smile to share it with those around you, or would you prefer to keep it hidden? If you identify with the second of those two options, let Dr. Mick talk to you about our cosmetic dentistry solutions. With services including teeth whitening, tooth-colored fillings, all-ceramic restorations, porcelain veneers, Invisalign® and Botox®, we believe we can help you overcome your negative feelings and smile with confidence.

Teeth Whitening

For you convenience, Columbus, OH cosmetic dentist Dr. Mick and his team offer two types of teeth whitening: in-office and at home. Our in-office system uses a powerful bleaching solution to whiten your teeth quickly. After only a single one-hour session, your smile will be several shades whiter and brighter.

With the at-home whitening package, you’ll receive equally dazzling results, but not quite as quickly. We’ll give you custom-fitted mouth trays and whitening gel. Fill the trays with gel and wear them nightly for the recommended length of time. Results will appear after the first use, with the most noticeable changes happening after two weeks.

All-Ceramic Restorations

If you have a broken tooth or one that is compromised by severe tooth decay or a penetrating crack, then a dental crown can preserve the remaining tooth structure and restore your tooth’s natural form and function. Whenever possible, Dr. Mick will place an all-ceramic restoration. Unlike crowns made of gold, metal, or porcelain-fused-to-metal, an all-ceramic crown offers both strength and aesthetic value. We can choose a color that precisely matches the existing color of your teeth, so no will ever see that you have a crown.

Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers

Columbus, OH dentist Dr. Mick uses porcelain veneers and Lumineers to transform smiles that are marred by annoying cosmetic imperfections such as chipped and broken teeth or teeth that are a bit crooked or irregularly spaced. Both are cosmetic coverings that are cemented to the facial side of your teeth in order to give you a beautiful and natural-looking smile. The difference is the tooth preparation required. Porcelain veneers necessitate removing a slim layer of tooth enamel, which is a permanent alteration to your teeth. Lumineers, on the other hand, can be bonded directly to your teeth without any prep.


Do want to have a straight smile but don’t want to endure the look and hassle of metal braces? Then consider Invisalign. This is a popular orthodontic system that straightens misaligned smiles with clear plastic mouth trays. Dr. Mick works closely with the Invisalign lab to create aligners that are designed to address your specific orthodontic needs. Each pair of aligners will move your teeth one step closer to the straight smile you’ve always wanted. Invisalign clear braces are appropriate for both adults and teenagers.


To flawlessly frame a beautiful smile. Dr. Mick offers Botox Cosmetics. By injecting a small and concentrated amount of Botox outside your eyes and along the forehead, we can make lines and wrinkles disappear. Botox relaxes muscles around your face so those annoying age lines vanish. You’ll look years younger and feel more confident.

Give us a call to learn more about cosmetic dentistry. We serve patients from Columbus, OH, as well as the Columbus area.

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