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Single Tooth Placement – Columbus, OH

Restore your smile from the root to crown

X-ray of a single implantIf you are missing a single tooth, then your biggest worry is probably that gap in your smile. After all, a smile is part of your identity and even portrays your personality. In addition, however, one missing tooth can also harm your oral health. Problems include decreased bone density in your jaw, gum tissue loss, shifting teeth, and even additional tooth loss. To prevent these and other problems, you should replace a missing tooth as soon as possible. Speak to Dr. Mick about single tooth placement in Columbus. With just one dental implant, you can once again have a smile that is attractive and secure.

Replace a Single Missing Tooth

Single implant in placeIf you are missing one tooth, you can replace it with either a dental implant in Columbus or a fixed bridge. Let’s take a look at both options.

The Advantages of Dental Implants

Man smiling in mirrorEither a fixed bridge or a dental implant will restore the appearance and function of your smile. But, there are advantages to dental implants that are not available with a bridge or any other prosthetic.

First, implants do not have any impact on adjacent teeth. They are stand-alone replacements that do not require altering the structure of any other teeth.

Secondly, implants stimulate healthy new bone tissue growth in your jaw, so you don’t ever have that sunken appearance that can occur with dentures.

In addition:

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