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Invisalign Clear Braces in Columbus, OH

Do you wish you could achieve a straight smile without wearing traditional braces? The good news is you absolutely can. FDA-approved Invisalign lets you straighten your teeth without the metal brackets and wires used by conventional braces. Dr. Walter Mick provides adults and older teens with Invisalign in Columbus, OH.

What Are The Benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign moves teeth into their preferred position using a series of clear, removable trays. Using trays instead of brackets and wires allows you to enjoy a more comfortable and discreet treatment. You won’t have to worry about developing mouth abrasions since there’s no metal involved -- and you will never have to schedule an emergency appointment to fix a broken bracket or loose wire.

But that is not all that Invisalign patients can look forward to. Your trays can also be removed before brushing, flossing, and eating. That means you can enjoy all your favorite foods while going through treatment. You can also care for your smile just as thoroughly as you normally would. And because there aren’t any wires for us to tighten, you can spend less time in our office. Instead of coming in for routine adjustments, we will only need to check your progress from occasionally. With Invisalign, you spend less time thinking about your orthodontic treatment… and more time enjoying your increasingly straighter teeth.

Comparing Invisalign and Traditional Braces

While the results are the same for both treatments -- improved dental alignment and increased smile-confidence -- the methods used for achieving these results are significantly different. Some of the most apparent differences between Invisalign and traditional metal braces are listed below.

Traditional Braces   Invisalign
Very noticeable against tooth enamel   Discreet, practically invisible
Affixed to the teeth   Removable for eating and cleaning
Rub blisters on cheeks and lips   Smooth plastic is far more comfortable
Necessary modifications to diet   Continue to eat what you like
Require frequent visits to the dentist   Largely self-directed treatment
Average treatment 18-24 months   Average treatment just one year

For busy adults or teens who are especially worried about their appearance, Invisalign provides a wonderful alternative to traditional metal brackets and wires.

Who Is Invisalign Good For? Are Clear Braces Right for You?

Teens and adults alike can benefit from discreet orthodontics using the Invisalign system. To determine whether or not you are a good candidate for clear braces, your dentist in Columbus, OH will examine your orthodontic needs as well as the health of your teeth and gums in an initial consultation. Invisalign corrects the most common orthodontic issues, including gapped teeth, crowded teeth, as well as malocclusions: underbite, overbite, and crossbite. Patients dealing with severe orthodontic problems may not be suited for the Invisalign treatment.

Additionally, if evidence of gum disease or tooth decay are present during your initial orthodontic evaluation, Dr. Mick will make recommendations for bringing your teeth and gums back to their good health before you begin your treatment with clear braces.

Your Invisalign Treatment Plan

During the planning stages of your Invisalign treatment, Dr. Mick will use 3D technology to create a very specific plan for you, complete with images showing you the results you can expect. Imagine seeing what your new smile will look like before you ever put on your first aligner -- that’s exactly what you can look forward to with Invisalign. Then, once you have your aligners, you will simply wear each one for about two weeks before advancing to the next in the series. You will need to visit us roughly every six weeks so we can check on your progress. After just one year, on average, your treatment is complete… and you have a whole new reason to smile.

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Would you like to know if Invisalign clear braces are right for you? Most patients who are interested in subtle orthodontic care are good candidates for the treatment. We would love to discuss your orthodontic options further! Call Mick Family Dental Care today to schedule your consultation with us. Our Columbus, OH office serves Columbus and all surrounding communities.

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