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The Cost of Dental Implants in Columbus, OH

Illustration of dental implant If you are missing a few teeth and Dr. Mick has told you that you’re a candidate for dental implants, then you probably have one main question on your mind: How much do dental implants cost in Columbus, OH?

The short answer to that question can range, depending on the patient. However, there are a few factors to consider with that price tag.

The Longevity of Dental Implants

With proper daily oral hygiene and regularly scheduled dental checkups every six months, you and your dentist in Columbus, OH can help make your dental implants last for a lifetime. That cannot be said about other tooth replacement options.

Both bridges and dentures will need to be repaired over time and will likely need replacement eventually. Yes, the upfront cost of a dental implant may be more than other prosthetics. But when you amortize that cost over the years of a life, then a dental implant can actually end up costing you less.

The Cost of Preparation

Smiling manMany dental implant patients require some type of preparatory procedure before receiving implants. For example, some patients need to have teeth extracted or bone and soft tissue grafts in order to ensure that the jawbone and gums are strong enough to support implants.

Charges for these types of procedures vary and depend on the details of each case, such as how many teeth require extraction.

The Cost of a Tooth Restoration

Dental implants are only half of the prosthetic needed to replace missing teeth. Once the implant is firmly anchored in the bone, then it’s time to attach the portion that everyone sees when you smile. In the case of a single missing tooth, Dr. Mick will need to place a dental crown over the implant. If you are replacing several teeth with implants, then he may recommend a bridge instead. Finally, implant-supported partial and full dentures require the placement of four to six implant posts and range in price depending on the case.

Paying for Your New Smile

While the individual cost of implants may decrease if you need more than one, you may still be wondering how you can affordably cover the cost of your new smile.

Dental insurance does not typically cover the cost of dental implants, but does often provide benefits for the preparatory procedures you need as well as a crown, bridge or denture. Our Columbus, OH dental practice is in-network with Delta Dental, We also accept several other major dental plans, so be sure to inquire at the front office. And we are happy to process and file insurance claims for any insurer.

In addition, we’ll be glad to help you apply for financing through CareCredit, a third-party healthcare financier. We also work with Lending Club, which offers longer terms and better rates for extended payment options.

Do you have other questions about dental implants in Columbus, OH? Call us today to schedule a private consultation. Mick Family Dental Care serves patients in and around Columbus, OH and will gladly discuss your options with you.

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