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Your Dentist Can Help with Orofacial Pain

December 14, 2017

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Your Dentist Can Help with Orofacial PainOrofacial pain is a general term covering any pain that is felt in the mouth, jaws and the face. Unfortunately, it is a common symptom and there are many causes. Estimates are that more than 95 percent of cases of orofacial pain result from dental problems. Fortunately, a dentist is often the one you can see to relieve your pain and find a solution to the problem.


Columbus Implant Dentist Offers Sinus Surgery for Bone Growth

August 23, 2016

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Smile more with dental implants from Columbus implant dentist Dr. Walt Mick. Although there are other options for tooth replacement, nothing can match dental implants for longevity, stability and appearance. Dental implants are comprised of a small titanium post that is surgically embedded in your jawbone and a tooth restoration—porcelain crown, bridge or denture—that is attached to the implant. An implant restores your smile, your ability to chew and talk, and even stimulates healthy new bone growth so the shape of your jaw and face are maintained. However, you need adequate bone density to place the implant in the first place. If you happen to need to replace a tooth in the upper rear portion of your mouth, then Columbus implant dentist Dr. Mick may recommend a bone graft procedure through your sinus cavity.


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