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How Bone Augmentation Can Make Dental Implant Insertion Possible

August 20, 2019

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older woman smiling showing nice teethFor replacing missing teeth, the dental implant process is the most reliable method available. However, it requires there to be a sufficient amount of jawbone material present for the procedure to be successful. For patients who lack enough underlying bone all hope isn’t lost, because bone augmentation in Columbus provides the answer. As you continue reading, learn about the procedure, including how it works and its benefits!

What is Bone Augmentation?

Dental implant placement has a 95% success rate, which is greatly attributed to the careful approach that is taken to qualifying patients. Thus, before any work is done, you’ll need to visit your local dentist for a thorough examination. At this time, he or she will evaluate the amount of healthy jawbone present.

This is just as important to the success of the dental implant as sufficient soil is to securing the foundation of a house. If you’re lacking the necessary amount, then the dentist may suggest bone augmentation, which involves surgically removing bone material from another part of the body or from an external source and then grafting it into the treatment area.

Thankfully, with the advancements in dentistry, the process is now relatively simple and painless. In some situations, though, a more extensive procedure called nerve repositioning may be required to complete a bone augmentation.

What is Nerve Repositioning?

This involves moving the alveolar nerve in the lower jaw to make room for a dental implant. During the process, a portion of the adjacent cheek covering the lower jawbone is removed. Then, the dentist will remove a portion of the nerve and vessel canal of the lower jaw.

After the dental implant is placed, the nerve is released. Because this is such a tedious and complex process, it requires the skilled hands and expertise of a trained specialist to complete.

The Benefits of Bone Augmentation

Typically, patients with an insufficient amount of bone mass have to settle for alternatives like crowns, bridges or traditional dentures. Because these are above-gum procedures, they have several limitations.

By undergoing the bone augmentation process to qualify for dental implant placement, though, the following benefits are made available:

  • A more natural looking final appearance
  • Up to 75% of the original chewing capacity restored
  • By making a secure fit, prevents slipping and gum irritation
  • More support at the jawbone level to prevent further bone degeneration

To find out if you’re eligible for dental implants in Columbus, and to determine whether you’ll need bone augmentation, contact your dentist to request an initial examination. By being proactive, you can prevent any new problems from arising, and you can finally enjoy the feeling of having a completely restored and functional smile!

About the Author

Since graduating from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry, Dr. Walter Mick has gone on to provide over 30 years of top-notch dental care. To continue to sharpen his skills, he has taken numerous hours of continuing education, which has contributed to the expert care he provides. Dr. Mick helps patients once again lead normal and happy lives by placing dental implants at Mick Family Dental Care, and he can be reached for more information through his website.

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