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Tell Your Guy to See the Dentist in Reynoldsburg this Month!

June 14, 2018

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handsome man smilingCan you name someone close to you that hasn’t seen a dentist in who-knows-how-long? If there are men in your life—husband, father, boyfriend—then chances are a few names come to mind. Almost 33 percent of men do not see the dentist regularly. They only go when they have to, i.e. when they’re in pain or there is obviously something wrong such as a broken tooth or lost filling. Now is a good to encourage those guys to see a dentist in Reynoldsburg. June is Men’s Health Month, and the week before Father’s Day is Men’s Health Week. Read on to learn about some dental facts that may just help you convince your man!

The Oral-Systemic Connection

If your man prides himself on taking care of his body with exercise and a healthy diet, then he may be surprised to know that the condition of his mouth is a good indicator of overall health. Dentists, scientists and researchers have concluded that there is a strong connection between oral bacteria and certain medical conditions. This is called the oral-systemic connection.

The same bacteria that cause gum disease, which is a bacterial infection, can migrate to other organs of the body. These bacteria have been linked to heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia and depression. So if gums are inflamed and bleeding, then it’s time to see a family dentist in Reynoldsburg.

Play to Win

Is your man competitive? Does he play to win? The ol’ go big or go home attitude? Does he wear a mouthguard when he’s going for the goal?

If the answer to that question is no, then he is at greater risk for an injury that might involve a chipped, cracked or even a knocked out tooth.

Men are far less likely to wear a mouthguard than women, and this is despite the fact that they participate in more contact sports such as basketball or soccer.

A mouthguard protects teeth, gums, lips, tongue and cheeks during play or practice. This custom-fitted oral appliance can be the key to maintaining a smile.

At-Home Oral Hygiene

While seeing the dentist is vital to a man’s oral health, so is daily oral hygiene at home. Research shows that men are more likely than women to occasionally skip brushing and flossing. Of course, no man wants to be nagged about oral hygiene (or anything else for that matter). Just make sure there are clean toothbrushes, fluoride toothpaste and floss where they can be readily seen. He’ll get the hint!

Oral Cancer Screening

Most men take pride in protecting and providing for their families. But that’s hard to do if you’re not around. Unfortunately, oral cancer claims more than 10,000 Americans every year, and the majority are men. Why? Because men smoke or chew tobacco and use alcohol more than women. They also have a higher risk for HPV.

An oral cancer screening is conducted during regular dental checkups. Perhaps this reason more than any other should convince men to see a dentist regularly.

If you know a man who needs professional oral health care, call a dentist in Reynoldsburg today.


Meet the Doctor

Dr. Walt Mick is a family and cosmetic dentist in Reynoldsburg, OH. He and his staff offer a range of general, restorative and cosmetic dental services to help keep you and your smile healthy and beautiful.

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