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Dental Implants are Easier with the Locator® Overdenture

September 26, 2017

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Smiling middle aged womanDentists have been using implant overdentures as a removable prosthodontic solution for tooth loss for more than 30 years. These dentures provide better retention and stability, so wearers do not have to worry about the embarrassment of a smile that slips or teeth that seem to click and clack during a meal.

Keep Your Dentures in Place

A variety of attachment systems can be used to support implant overdentures, including bar and clip or individual attachments. One type of individual attachment is the Locator Overdenture Implant System. The locator abutment is a reliable option for removable prosthodontics because it is effective and reasonably priced in comparison to implant-supported fixed restorations. Improvements in abutment design and their attachment elements have made this treatment method very successful.

Why Choose a Locator Overdenture?

The Locator Overdenture Implant System, or LODI for short, is a great alternative for many patients, especially those who have severe resorption (jawbone tissue loss) that has narrowed the space where implants can be placed. For these edentulous (toothless) patients, bone grafting was previously the best solution for building up bone. Now, Locator Overdentures can be placed using a minimally invasive and flapless procedure. And just like standard dental implants, these are made of a strong titanium alloy that provides stability immediately when overdentures must be place right after surgery.

The Locator Overdenture and Your Smile

Locator Implant Overdentures are most common in the mandible. In addition to helping patients with bone resorption, the Locator Implant Overdenture is indicated when there is an adequate ridge and the prosthesis will be primarily tissue-borne. These implants provide retention and can be used in any number of implants, although a higher number of implants usually function better.

Pivoting Technology for Comfort

The LOCATOR Male pivots in the denture cap so there is a more resilient connection of the prosthesis without any resulting loss of retention. The male remains in contact with the female socket, while the Denture Cap has a full range of rotational movement over the male. This pivoting action accommodates for movement during chewing and biting, thereby providing greater resiliency and preventing the denture from dislodging.

Attachments that don’t pivot and the overdenture is locked in one place, the attachment can easily disengage because of the opposing forces of occlusion when a person is chewing. LODI patients are able to enjoy a normal, comfortable chewing function and have confidence in the anchoring of their overdenture.


Meet the Doctor

Dr. Walter Mick is a family dentist that specializes in dentures Columbus residents and others from the surrounding area rely on for secure and beautiful smiles. Our office in Reynoldsburg proudly offers comprehensive cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry.

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