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See the Cosmetic Dentist in Reynoldsburg for Help with a Crooked Smile

July 18, 2017

The cosmetic dentist in Reynoldsburg straightens teeth for the sake of your oral health. Do you know someone who almost never shows his or her teeth when smiling? If so, then chances are they’re embarrassed or even ashamed because they have such crooked teeth. But a misaligned smile is not only a cosmetic concern. When teeth are crooked, you’re much more likely to have oral and even general health problems, too. Read on to learn why your cosmetic dentist in Reynoldsburg, Dr. Walt Mick, often recommends orthodontics to for the sake of appearance and well being.

Crooked Teeth are More Difficult to Clean

When your teeth are misaligned or crooked, there are usually surfaces that overlap. These areas often more difficult to keep clean simply because a toothbrush cannot reach these spots. As a result, cavities may develop.

In addition, crooked teeth can rub the lining of your cheeks and lead to mouth ulcers. These can be particularly uncomfortable because they are always being irritated by the same teeth that caused the sore as well as food, drinks and oral bacteria.

Gum Disease and Crooked Teeth

One very important step in your daily oral hygiene routine is flossing, which removes plaque from around your teeth and along the gum line so you can avoid gum disease. However, flossing crooked teeth is more difficult, because overlapping surfaces create spaces that might even be too tight for floss. In addition, gums may not adequately seal around crooked teeth, thereby creating space for bacteria and plaque to accumulate more easily. This can also lead to gum disease, which has been linked to other medical conditions including hypertension, diabetes and stroke.

A Crooked Smile and Bad Breath

Where there are bacteria there’s more likely to be bad breath. Because crooked teeth can trap bacterial plaque, you may be more susceptible to foul mouth odors. Your dentist in Reynoldsburg can help with professional teeth cleaning, as well as recommending mouthwashes to help treat bad breath.

Structural Damage to Crooked Teeth

Because crooked teeth are not well aligned, they often rub against one another, which can lead to abnormal wear. Eventually, tooth enamel may wear down to the point of creating a cavity. In addition, if some of your crooked teeth happen to protrude, then your chances of tooth injury increase. You’re more likely to chip or break a tooth that is protruding. Finally, jaw misalignment may develop as you attempt to compensate for your crooked teeth when you chew. Many people are not even consciously aware of how they force their teeth to come together while they’re eating. The consequences can be facial muscle pain and stress on the jaw, which can lead to the uncomfortable symptoms of TMJ dysfunction.

Treat Your Crooked Teeth at the Dentist Near Me

If you’re ready to address the health and cosmetic needs of your crooked teeth, contact our office. Dr. Mick is a certified provider of Invisalign, a discreet orthodontic treatment system.

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